Socialist Liz Warren’s Latest Poll Results Spell TROUBLE For the Radical Lawmaker

According to a recent poll by the Fiscal Alliance, Elizabeth Warren is struggling against Charlie Baker, the Republican candidate for the Senate in 2024. Only 34% of the respondents indicated that they would support her if she were to run for Senate, while 49% support Baker.

The poll results show that Warren is struggling against Baker, and it also indicates that she might not be able to get the support of her constituents. Her 49% approval rating is not a good sign for her political career. On the other hand, Baker has a 52% approval rating.

Although the poll is hypothetical, it is still important to note that Baker hasn't officially announced his intention to run for Senate. Despite this, the people of Massachusetts should still rally behind him. He has been able to make a great impact as the state's governor.

The poll also asked Massachusetts voters about various policies, such as rent control and the Chapter 62F tax rebate law. The results show that the residents of the state support the law, with over 80% of them supporting it with modifications. This shows that the people of the state are ready for conservative policies that are not only beneficial for the middle class, but also reject policies that only hurt them.

The results of the poll indicate that Warren is struggling to stay relevant in the political arena, and she might be headed for a political irrelevance soon. On the other hand, Charlie Baker is the kind of leader Massachusetts residents trust to lead the state into a better future.

Source: Trending Politics

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