Soldier Slapped with $4K Bill After Biden’s Pullout Fiasco

A US soldier is in hot water after being ordered to leave behind costly military gear in Afghanistan during Joe Biden’s disastrous withdrawal, only to be hit with a bill of nearly $4,000 upon returning to the good ol’ US of A. Can you believe that? This poor trooper is following orders, doing his duty, and then the government has the audacity to tell him, “Hey, thanks for the service, but that’ll be $4,000 for the gear you were told to ditch.”

The soldier, in a video that went viral on TikTok before it was taken down (thanks, Big Tech), lamented the situation, saying he wanted to holler and scream but knew it wouldn’t do any good. He explained that he was being asked to turn in all the military equipment he had collected over four years of active duty in Afghanistan, but then found out he’d have to pay out of pocket for gear he was ordered to abandon during the hasty pullout. And the nerve of the government to charge him behind the scenes, hoping no one would notice!

But wait, there’s more! This soldier’s plight is just a microcosm of the bigger issue at hand. The government left behind a treasure trove of weapons for the Taliban and other crazy radical groups to wreak havoc with. We’re talking millions and billions of dollars’ worth of gear, left behind for the taking. And guess who gets stuck with the tab? Yup, the American taxpayer. It’s like getting stuck with the bill for a party you didn’t even get to attend.

The soldier’s video highlighted that the US government is quick to throw money at foreign countries and issues, but when it comes to taking care of its own people, suddenly the wallet is nowhere to be found. Billions for Ukraine, millions for the Taliban, but when it comes to American soldiers being unfairly charged for equipment they were forced to leave behind, it’s crickets from the higher-ups.

And if this is what’s happening to our brave soldiers, just imagine what else the government is getting away with behind the scenes. This soldier’s situation shines a light on the larger problem of government waste, incompetence, and putting the burden on hardworking Americans. It’s time for our leaders to step up and start prioritizing the people who actually make this country run.

Written by Staff Reports

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