South Carolina GOP Runoff Sees Trump-Backed Burns Face Off Against Biggs

The contest to succeed retiring Republican Rep. Jeff Duncan in South Carolina's 3rd Congressional District is going to a runoff because none of the seven GOP contenders won a majority in Tuesday's election. Trump-backed pastor Mark Burns and nurse Sheri Biggs made it to a runoff on June 25, according to the Associated Press. 31.5% of the vote went to Burns, and 29.5% to Biggs. Third place with 19.5% went to state representative Stewart Jones.

The dependable red district close to Georgia has become available for the first time in more than ten years with the departure of Rep. Jeff Duncan. The district has not elected a Democrat since Sen. Lindsey Graham turned it over in 1994 amid a nationwide red wave, hence the Republican nominee who wins the runoff should have little trouble winning the seat in the November general election.

Seven-term Duncan announced his retirement lately in the midst of personal turmoil after his wife accused him of adultery and abandoning her for a lobbyist.

Mark Burns was backed by former President Donald Trump, who praised him for his allegiance and dedication to the "Make America Great Again" cause. Burns previously unsuccessfully sought the 4th House District in South Carolina in 2022. With important ramifications for the future of the district and the Republican Party, the impending runoff is an essential step in choosing Duncan's successor.

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