Special Prosecutor on GA Lt. Gov’s Tail After He Unmasks Fani Willis!

In response to the allegations made against Fulton County DA Fani Willis, Georgia Lt. Governor Jones has been criticizing her. He claims that she used public funds for personal gain and that the charges were politically motivated. Now, the prosecutors of the state have requested that a special prosecutor be appointed to investigate the DA.

Before becoming governor, Jones was a state senator. He was a target of the grand jury investigation of Willis, but he was able to successfully argue that he should not be subjected to it due to her support for his political opponent. A judge from the Fulton County Superior Court agreed with Jones and prevented the DA and her office from examining him.

Since Jones was not able to be questioned by the DA, the state's prosecutors have now been able to request a special prosecutor to investigate him. Initially, the prosecutors who are involved in the case did not agree with the idea of appointing a special prosecutor, but after the indictments were returned, they decided to do it. This could cause problems for Willis.

In his criticism of the DA, Jones asked how many lives would have been saved if she focused more on the punishment of violent criminals instead of on political grandstanding and using her position to further her political agenda. He also stated that the charges against him and the other individuals were politically motivated. He believes that the truth will eventually come out and the justice system will prevail.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, on the other hand, claims that Jones is a hypocrite who claims to be a supporter of the justice system in the US. He tried to overturn the election results of Joe Biden and pressured Mike Pence to reject the results. The indictment doesn't name him, but it states that he tried to do so.

It's clear that the relationship between Jones and Willis has been contentious. With that in mind, let us hope that the truth will prevail and justice will be served.

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