Still Waiting: The Elusive ‘Decency and Honor’ Bidens Pledged to Bring!

Despite the media continuously emphasizing his commitment to restoration and making it a cornerstone of his campaign, President Biden's tenure appears to have brought more controversy than tranquility to the White House. Post the 2020 election, there was a palpable sense of relief permeating the media sector. Although Donald Trump challenged the results, generating substantial coverage, the media seemed heartened by the prospect of their favored candidate's imminent installation. They portrayed the somewhat frail candidate in a favorable light, provided cover during his multiple campaign trail recesses, and essentially campaigned on his behalf.

The media then lauded Joe Biden's victory as a return to a state of normalcy and decency at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, promising the reinstatement of class, dignity, honor, and professionalism in the nation's capital.

Now, as we edge towards the next election, it's necessary to confront the stark contrast between these optimistic promises and the actual state of affairs. Axios recently released a report on the President's tendency to express his displeasure through brusque remarks towards his staff, a practice seemingly at odds with his previous declarations of zero tolerance for disrespect.

This, however, is just one of many such instances. Currently, the Bidens are in the midst of dealing with a series of challenges that paint a picture of a disjointed and troubled First Family. Hunter Biden, the First Son, is caught up in a paternity lawsuit for a child born out of wedlock, and his family's handling of the situation seems questionable at best.

Despite Hunter's financial disputes following reports of significant earnings from questionable foreign deals and recent art sales, the court case revealed a request that the child be barred from using the Biden family name. Further, an internal White House directive states that any reference to the President's grandchildren should only account for six, deliberately excluding Navy Joan Biden.

This appears to be a cold, political decision, directly contradicting the Bidens' claimed emphasis on family values. This is evident in a recent New York Times article attempting to maintain a positive image of the Bidens while addressing this issue delicately.

The President's public persona is largely built around his devotion to his family, including his only surviving son, Hunter. However, recent revelations have revealed a failure to uphold the promised dignity and honor. Adding to this is a shocking scandal involving the discovery of cocaine within the White House premises, an incident that has been largely glossed over by the media, with a striking lack of comprehensive coverage and investigation.

This double standard draws criticism from commentators like Michael Tomasky of the New Republic, who argues that Biden, portrayed as a noble individual, is unjustly held to a higher standard than others, including Trump.

However, if the media often judges others, like devoutly religious individuals, based on their actions versus their stated beliefs, why should the President be exempt? If Biden and the press have promised an exemplary White House, it is not unjust to highlight instances where they fall short.

Moreover, despite promises of a professional approach towards the media, Biden has consistently interacted with them in ways that have been deemed a threat to press freedom. His administration's opacity, the court-mandated limitations on engaging with social media to suppress free speech, and a lack of clarity from the press secretary further complicate matters.

Moreover, is it truly possible to deem the President "decent" when he has a grandchild dismissed and illicit drugs found within the White House? His plans for economic recovery prompt the question: "When does he intend to initiate that?" His divisive "Red Lecture" speech from Philadelphia last September also calls into question his ability to unify the nation.

In this speech, Biden harshly criticized MAGA Republicans for disrespecting the Constitution, promoting authoritarian leaders, and contributing to political violence. Yet, the Supreme Court has repeatedly contradicted Biden, recently ruling in Missouri vs. Biden that he had been suppressing free expression. Such discrepancies between promises and realities inevitably lead to questions similar to those posed by journalists.

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