Target Takedown: Pro-Trump Rap Soars, Left Rages

It’s a glorious day for conservatives as the pro-Trump rap group Forgiato Blow and Jimmy Levy’s “Boycott Target” song climbs to the second spot on iTunes’ Rap and Hip Hop Top 100 chart despite leftist efforts to censor it. The highly controversial song takes aim at the retail giant, urging people to boycott the store after it was discovered to be stocking Satanic LGBTQ clothing and gear for children.

The “Boycott Target” rap song starts with the lyrics “there’s a clean up on every aisle/Target is targetin’ your kids,” making it clear that the left’s agenda of indoctrinating children with a depraved and dangerous ideology must come to an end. Forgiato Blow and Jimmy Levy even filmed the music video for the song inside a Target store, further emphasizing the store’s hypocrisy and blatant disregard for the well-being of children.

Despite the song’s massive popularity, Levy took to Twitter to reveal that the left is censoring the song online. In a tweet, the rapper expressed his shock at the amount of censorship the song is currently facing, including being hidden from searches on iTunes and Instagram. It’s clear that the liberal elite is scared of the message the song is spreading and is desperately trying to suppress the truth.

Fortunately, Levy found a way to defy the liberal censors. He discovered that anyone with the iTunes Store app could still find the song on the charts despite the left’s attempts to bury it. This just shows the power the people still have in the face of leftist tyranny, and how the truth will always eventually find a way to break through.

It’s worth noting that Target did remove its LGBT Pride Collection and items with a Satanic aesthetic following a massive backlash from its customers and online. But it’s too little too late. The damage has already been done, and the store’s reputation has been irreversibly tarnished by its overt leftist agenda. No self-respecting conservative would want to shop at Target after this despicable display of corporate virtue signaling.

In conclusion, the success of Forgiato Blow and Jimmy Levy’s “Boycott Target” song is a testament to the power of the conservative message and the resilience of the conservative movement against the left’s tyranny and censorship. We must continue to fight against the liberal elite and expose their wicked agenda for what it truly is. Do your part – boycott Target!

Written by Staff Reports

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