Schumer Slams ‘MAGA’ Supreme Court For 9-0 Unanimous Decision

In response to the Supreme Court's ruling that limited the EPA's power to regulate bodies of waters, Senate Majority Leader Schumer blamed the Trump administration. The court ruled that the agency's definition of "waters of the United States" had changed.

The EPA has to consider bodies of water that have a continuous surface connection to major bodies of water when it comes to regulating them under the Clean Water Act. This means that smaller bodies of water will not be able to be included in the agency's regulations.

The decision was a setback for President Biden's administration, as it aimed to develop regulations for various types of waterways, such as lakes, ponds, and wetlands. The administration had a strong understanding of the EPA's responsibilities under the Clean Water Act.

The court's ruling was a victory for Chantell and Michael Sackett, who live in Idaho. Two years ago, the EPA told them to remove the wetlands on their property, which would result in a fine of over $40,000 a day. The couple sued the agency, and they maintained that their property was not a "waters of the United Sates." The EPA labels wetlands as such when they are located near a creek that leads to a lake.

In response to the court's ruling, Senator Schumer accused the Trump administration of undermining the country's environmental laws. The court ruled that the EPA overreached its authority by regulating bodies of water. Although the majority of the justices agreed that the agency overreached its authority, they did not split along party lines.

It is now more important than ever that the EPA and other agencies adopt common-sense regulations that do not adversely affect the rights of property owners. Schumer's statement shows that he is willing to go against the will of the people.

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