DeSantis Slams Debt Deal as GOP Outraged Over Concessions

On Fox and Friends recently, Florida Governor and potential 2024 presidential nominee Ron DeSantis seized the opportunity to criticize a recent debt ceiling negotiation. DeSantis joined the rallying cry of Republicans in Congress, decrying excessive spending by the government. He claimed that rather than avoiding bankruptcy, the deal only keeps the country “careening toward bankruptcy.” His pointed words certainly rang true, as experts predict a continued increase in government spending to the tune of $4 trillion over the next year-and-a-half. With all of the money thrown at COVID spending, DeSantis believes our country’s budget has been thoroughly reset and restoration of its former state is simply “inadequate.”

DeSantis isn’t alone in his opinion. Others in the Republican party, including former President Donald Trump, have been silent on the matter, but some have made their criticisms known. Members of Congress such as Chip Roy, Dan Bishop, and Ralph Norman have accused Democrats of getting too many of the concessions. In particular, they were unhappy with the 87,000 additional IRS agents that were being hired, no rollback on “Build Back Better” initiatives, and a crucial lack of attention to budget cuts beyond 2025.

As Axios reported, more than 60 Republican representatives are ready to vote against the deal. Meanwhile, Democrats seem happy to sign off on it, but House Leader Hakeem Jeffries won’t give a clear statement on the support. It’s up to progressives to make the final decision on support for the agreement. Democrats reportedly view the concessions by Republicans as “modest,” meaning that there is minimal opposition within the party. Democrats are treating this as a victory, with the new deal seen as a win against aggressive cuts and Republicans are touting it as an unprecedented rollback of government spending.

President Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s message to lawmakers is “nobody got everything they wanted,” however, many Republicans appear to have gotten very few of the things they wanted. The initiative is bipartisan, but as usual, Republicans are walking away disappointed. Democrats are content with the deal, but they may want to consider how the excessive spending will affect our country’s future.

Source: Trending Politics

Written by Staff Reports

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