Disney Betrays Tradition: Mustached Man in Dress Targets Kids!

Disneyland has made an alarming decision to allow a man in a dress, with a mustache no less, to welcome young girls at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. This store offers enchanted makeovers for kids from 3 to 12 years old. This goes against traditional values and puts children in danger. Disney should not promote this kind of behavior in which men in dresses expose themselves to young girls.

Social media users have also raised their voices against this choice. The way Disney welcomes the little girls should align with traditional views, which include princesses and princes, not inappropriate and dangerous costumes and behavior that could harm children.

This disturbing situation is part of a broader trend of cultural decay and decay of traditional American values. As Inside Magic reports, the Disney Boutique Cast Members, formerly called “Fairy Godmothers in Training” are now referred to as “Fairy Godmother’s Apprentices” to include non-female Cast Members in the magical makeovers. This absurdity is a clear sign of the left’s agenda to impose gender ideology in our children and eliminate traditional values that have been the backbone of society.

Adding insult to injury, just last week Universal Studios Hollywood announced an after-hours “Pride” celebration with drag shows for both adults and children. This event highlights the left’s agenda to target our children and indoctrinate them with their twisted ideas.

It is time for Americans to stand up to these attacks on our children and traditional values and make clear that we will not tolerate such perversity in our society. Our children deserve better than to be exposed to this dangerous ideology and behavior.

Written by Staff Reports

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