EU Cracks Down on Free Speech, Defiant Musk Resists Censorship!

The EU’s Digital Services Act is set to force big tech companies to comply with government narratives or be banned from Europe. However, Twitter CEO Elon Musk has refused to back down from the EU’s demands for state censorship of “free speech”. As a result, the platform could face being banned across Europe. EU officials seem to have an issue with “disinformation” as one of the gravest threats to democracies. They claim that Twitter is a harborer of such threats. While the EU believes it’s OK to control freedom of speech online, it’s unclear why Breton and other EU sociopaths think this way, given their job is to work for the people who live in the EU, not against them.

Musk, on the other hand, has pulled Twitter out of the EU’s “Code of Practice” to support free speech and insists that Twitter will support the EU in its censorship program. Musk appears to prioritize his freedom of speech over submitting to EU overlords. Breton confirmed that the platform left the project, despite the EU’s voluntary rulebook for big tech companies and the Digital Services Act, which is set to become law soon. It is nothing but an avenue to control what people can say online.

On another note, Musk pushed back against Ireland’s forthcoming hate speech laws, calling them a “massive attack against freedom of speech”. The proposed legislation would allow Irish authorities to convict people criminally for “hate speech” offenses. It is clear that the EU wants to suppress free speech and muzzle the voices of anyone with an opinion that doesn’t align with their controlling narrative. The truth of the matter is that governments should not be in the business of censoring speech. The EU’s attempts to create this type of control will only lead to more suppression and bias.

Source: Daily Fetched

Written by Staff Reports

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