Texas Judge Dismisses Charges Against 211 Alleged Border Rioters

In Texas, a judge has thrown out misdemeanor charges against 211 alleged illegal immigrants who were accused of riot participation at the U.S.-Mexico border in El Paso. County Court of Law Judge Ruben Morales dismissed the charges, saying that his court didn’t have the authority to hear the cases. The public defender argued that the District Attorney’s Office didn’t follow proper procedures when moving the cases to the county court’s docket. The judge sided with the public defender, and the charges were dismissed.

After the hearing, the public defender criticized the DA’s Office for pursuing these misdemeanor cases instead of focusing on more important cases. She claimed that the office had thousands of cases still waiting to be reviewed, and it was frustrating to see resources being used to prosecute cases without evidence.

The District Attorney, however, said that they would appeal the dismissals, insisting that the procedures were done properly and the judge’s order was inappropriate. The case has raised questions about the priorities of the DA’s Office and the handling of illegal immigration cases.

The news outlet that originally reported the story included a message asking for support and warning about the censorship they face from Big Tech and the elites. They emphasized the importance of the upcoming 2024 election and the role they play in providing truthful coverage.

The Western Journal, where this article was published, seeks to bring truth to light in an era of misinformation and censorship. George Upper, a contributing editor at The Western Journal, is a former U.S. Army special operator and a lifetime member of the NRA. He currently serves as the connections pastor at Awestruck Church in Greensboro, North Carolina.

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