The Washington Post’s fact-checker exposed: Biased coverage favors Biden

Glenn Kessler, The Washington Post’s fact-checker, is once again proving that the mainstream media has a political and ideological agenda. While he always fact-checks former President Donald Trump, he conveniently overlooks the failures of President Joe Biden. Kessler even tweeted a “Free link” to his fact-check where he did not fact-check Biden’s announcement of his reelection campaign, showing he is more concerned with defending the Democratic elite than upholding journalistic integrity.

As Kessler attacks Trump in his fact-check, he eerily dismisses and even provides cover for Biden’s catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan. Trump points out that Biden “totally humiliated our nation on the world stage,” whereas Kessler tries to justify Biden’s failure by stating that Trump also wanted to withdraw troops from Afghanistan by May 2021, which in no way excuses the incompetence and chaos of the current administration.

Kessler also makes excuses for Hunter Biden and denies any allegations of corruption despite overwhelming evidence found on his laptop. While Republicans have been investigating this matter, Kessler downplays their findings and dismisses them as partisan attacks.

Furthermore, Kessler shows hostility towards any concerns of Trump supporters regarding Critical Race Theory (CRT) used to indoctrinate children without parental consent and the military officials embracing woke ideology. He dismisses them as the concerns of the religious right and conservative media outlets. He even defends the White House providing a cheat sheet on which providers to call on, which is an egregious example of media bias.

In conclusion, Kessler’s fact-checking is highly political and ideologically biased, relying on defending the Biden administration and painting Trump and his supporters as extremists if they dare to question the establishment’s activities. American citizens deserve fair and honest journalism, which is clearly lacking from The Washington Post and their fact-checking division.

Written by Staff Reports

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