The White House Defends Nina Jankowicz as She Resigns as Misinformation Czar Amid Controversy

Nina Jankowicz, the controversial disinformation specialist who was appointed to lead the Department of Homeland Security’s now-paused “Disinformation Governance Board,” has had full support from the White House, despite the fact that she resigned in the midst of the board’s disastrous roll-out.

Ms. Jankowicz, who is 33 years old, tendered her resignation on Wednesday, citing “mischaracterizations” of the job she intended to accomplish at DHS as the reason for her departure.

Shortly after Ms. Jancowicz stepped down from her position, the White House issued a statement defending both the work of the board as well as the competence and history of Ms. Jancowicz.

“She has solid credentials and a history of pointing out falsehoods from both the left and the right,” White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said of the individual.

Ms. Jean-Pierre defended both the board and its intended mission, which is to ensure that individuals in charge of national security are kept up to speed on the ways in which erroneous information is altering the dangerous environment.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Washington Times.

Written by Staff Reports

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