Titanic Disaster 2.0: Sub Implodes, Navy Silent – Biden’s Disturbing Cover-Up?

The Titan submersible, which was on a mission to explore the wreck of the Titanic, collapsed under the sea, killing all five crew members, over the weekend. The carbon fiber frame of the seacraft was too weak to handle the extreme pressure it encountered underwater, despite concerns raised by engineers about its durability. The US Navy never uses carbon fiber for their submarine fleet, and the colossal failure of the sub is a testament to why it’s not suitable for such missions.

The Navy detected the implosion from their sonar systems used in national defense on Sunday but only confirmed the sub’s demise yesterday. In a bewildering decision that wasted crucial time, the search mission treated it as a rescue attempt instead of a search for the destroyed sub. The submarine’s design flaws were so severe that renowned filmmaker James Cameron had already predicted its collapse, without even being on board. He blasted the search operation, calling it a “nightmarish charade” and said the incident further prolonged the agony of the victims’ families.

Furthermore, there were already questions about the sub’s safety, notably the fact that it was never certified before use and had no emergency distress signal. The company behind the mission, OceanGate, had a history of sidestepping safety guidelines and regulations. The madness surrounding the sub had become too much to bear, with Stockton Rush, CEO of OceanGate, admitting last year that he had created the submersible with little regard for safety precautions.

These people were already dead, and the US government knew it, but they refused to admit it and kept the families on false hope, prolonging their suffering even further. Some people have speculated that President Biden, in an attempt to take attention away from the recent IRS whistleblower hearing, concealed the truth regarding the sub’s collapse until the House Way and Means’ Thursday hearing. It’s an appalling idea that should upset and concern everyone who believes in transparency.

Written by Staff Reports

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