Titanic Tour Danger: Millionaire Escapes Death by Ditching Sketchy Sub Trip

The world has been on edge as it watches the situation with the deep-sea tourists who were exploring the wreckage of the Titanic. While there is still hope that the sub containing the tourists, which lost contact with its surface support ship, is still alive, it has been reported that one multimillionaire almost went on the trip, but backed out after realizing the company, OceanGate, was “cutting too many corners.”

In an exclusive interview with The Sun, British digital marketing magnate Chris Brown, a 61-year-old, said that he and his friend Hamish Harding were early supporters of the submersible project. Brown explained that he was hesitant and eventually canceled his trip when he found out that the company used old scaffolding poles for the sub’s ballast and that its controls were based on computer game-style controllers.

Brown was one of the first people to sign up for this trip with OceanGate while the submersible was being developed, and he and Harding decided to join the Titanic mission while they were holidaying on Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island in 2016. The two Brits drank some beer and paid a ten percent deposit on the then-£80,000 ($100,000) voyage.

Although Brown enjoys taking risks, in this case, he said that the risks were too high. Brown had seen enough red flags and eventually contacted OceanGate to get his deposit back, stating that he was “less than convinced.” Brown found out that OceanGate was missing key targets as they depth-tested Titan, and he believed the company was cutting too many corners.

It’s essential to note that submersible trips to isolated sites of historic shipwrecks can be risky, and safety should be a top priority. This story is just one example of a company potentially jeopardizing people’s lives and is a warning to others thinking about submersible trips with a similar level of risk.

This situation highlights yet another example of companies exposing the public to potential harm. It may not be immediately clear to everyone that the excursion they are risking their life on may be happening under less than favorable conditions. Unfortunately, situations like this can occur when profit is the motivating factor. It is essential to evaluate an activity’s potential dangers and remain vigilant to ensure that commercial entities maintain safety standards.

Source: Red State

Written by Staff Reports

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