Tragic Titanic Trip: 5 Dead, $250k Sub Implodes, Navy Finds Anomaly

A recent expedition to view the Titanic's wreck was supposed to be a fun and profitable trip, but it ended in tragedy after the expedition crew members were killed when the ship's implosion occurred. According to reports, the Titan submersible vehicle, which was on the expedition, mysteriously disappeared on Sunday.

The crew had tried to find the sunken submarine, which had been on life support for over 96 hours. Sonar noises detected on Tuesday night were not able to locate the vessel. On Thursday, a debris field was discovered, and pieces of the sub were found.

Only five people were allowed to travel on the Titan, which was the only submersible that could go. It did not have an emergency beacon, which would have greatly helped in an emergency.

It has been reported that the US Navy detected an anomaly that they believe caused the Titan submersible to mysteriously disappear. The Navy confirmed this information with the Coast Guard and is conducting an investigation to find the missing vessel.

Unfortunately, the issues related to the submersible's safety are also becoming known. A reporter for CBS News said that he had concerns about the vessel's safety features after he rode it last year. He also noted that the sub did not have a beacon that could have helped in an emergency. This issue was raised during an earlier expedition, but the idea of installing a beacon was never implemented.

It is tragic that this incident happened, especially due to the cost of the sub. It is hoped that the investigation will shed light on the issues surrounding the submersible's safety, and why it didn't have an emergency beacon. The lack of proper safety measures is heartbreaking, and the five individuals who died were lost due to it.

Source: Townhall

Written by Staff Reports

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