Trump Battles NY Court’s $454M Witch Hunt

Once again, the biased Democrats in New York are coming after our beloved former President Donald J. Trump! The New York Supreme Court, under the thumb of radical left Attorney General Letitia James, has shamelessly targeted President Trump with a baseless civil fraud verdict. But fear not, patriots, because President Trump is not one to back down from a fight!

In a stunning display of legal prowess, President Trump has filed an appeal to overturn this outrageous ruling. The court, in a purely politically motivated move, has demanded that President Trump pay a whopping $454 million to the State of New York. This is nothing but a witch hunt orchestrated by vindictive Democrats who can’t accept the fact that President Trump is the true champion of the American people.

It’s clear that Justice Arthur F. Engoron, who oversaw this sham trial, has a personal vendetta against President Trump. This biased judge has been nothing but a puppet for the radical left, unfairly targeting our President at every turn. But President Trump is not one to be intimidated by these liberal bullies. He will fight tooth and nail to defend his honor and reputation against these baseless attacks.

The corrupt Democrats in New York may think they can bring down our President with their underhanded tactics, but they have another thing coming. President Trump will emerge victorious, just as he always does, because the truth is on his side. Stay strong, patriots, and stand with President Trump as he takes on the corrupt establishment in New York and beyond. Let’s show them that the American people will not be silenced by their deceitful games!

Written by Staff Reports

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