Trump BLASTED by Conservatives for “Not Funny” Nickname for DeSantis

Some conservatives criticized former President Donald Trump after he coined a new nickname for Florda Governor Ron DeSantis.

During a campaign rally for Republican candidates in Pennsylvania on Saturday, Trump referred to DeSantis as “Ron DeSanctimonious.”

Since Trump has been teasing another White House run, DeSantis has been mentioned as one of the possible challengers for the Republican nomination.

DeSantis’ name has been floated as an alternative candidate since the former president said earlier this week that he’s likely going to run again for president in 2024.

During his speech, Trump claimed that his campaign is “winning big” in the Republican Party and that he’s “far ahead of everybody.”

Trump claims to hold a commanding 71% of likely conservative voters in a conservative poll. He also noted that Mike Pence is at around 7% and then that’s when he said “Ron and that Ron DeSanctimonious was at around 10%.

Tensions have been rising between Trump and DeSantis, two conservative leaders, as speculation mounts that they may face off against each other in the presidential race in 2024. Trump’s latest statements may be an attempt to show that they have an issue with one another.

After the rally, some conservative activists criticized Trump for using the nickname for DeSantis. They may have to choose between the two in the primaries.

Kurt Schlichter, a Town Hall columnist, called out Trump for using the nickname for DeSantis. He said it was “not funny” and that it was the president’s way of reminding people about their concerns about him.

Will Chamberlain, an attorney, said that many “MAGA types” prefer DeSantis due to Trump’s “undisciplined and narcissistic” personality.

He also noted that Trump should “just endorse” the former Florida governor instead of risking “fracturing the party.”

Written by Staff Reports

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