Trump Jr. Slams DOJ: Bid to Block 2024 Run Over “Boxes Hoax”

Trump's eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., defended his father after he was indicted on multiple charges, including obstruction of justice and mishandling classified information. He accused the Department of Justice and the Biden Administration of orchestrating an attempt to prevent him from running for president in 2024.

In a third-world country, Trump Jr. claimed that the only way to stop the corrupt actions of the Biden administration is to have Donald Trump return to the White House.

In response, Trump Sr. posted a TruthSocial message, pointing out the scandal involving former President Biden, who was found to have stored confidential documents in his Delaware garage and an office building in Philadelphia. He wasn't charged.

In a statement, Trump claimed that the Biden Administration had informed him that he had been indicted. He then went on to say that the former vice president had multiple boxes at his home and office, as well as documents all over his garage.

Democrats are using this as a way to prevent Trump from winning the presidential election in 2024, according to the Trumps. Trump Jr. claims that the Department of Justice is actively interfering with the election, and his statement came shortly after Congress was shown an FBI document that reportedly showed a scheme involving Biden.

In response, Trump Jr. accused the Department of Justice of actively trying to prevent Trump from winning the presidential election in 2024. He claimed that the Democrats knew that Biden could not beat Trump in a fair race.

Trump Jr. also claimed that the news about the indictment was not a coincidence, pointing out the allegations of a bribery scheme. He said that the Democrats would do everything in their power to prevent his father from winning the 2024 presidential election.

On the same day that a story was published about a whistleblower stating that Biden received a five-million-dollar bribe from a company in Ukraine, the Department of Justice decided to indict Trump. He claimed that this was not a coincidence, and the Democrats were using this as a way to stop him from winning the presidential election.

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