Trump Saves UFC, Becomes MMA’s Ultimate Hero

In an electrifying episode of UFC Unfiltered, the former President and legendary badass, Donald Trump, took a break from his usual political musings to talk about his history in hosting epic boxing and MMA events. And let’s be honest folks, when it comes to hosting events, Trump knows how to do it bigly.

Back in the day, mixed martial arts faced an uphill battle. Those pesky athletic commissions thought it was as brutal as Roman gladiator games and refused to sanction it. Can you believe it? Thankfully, promotions found solace in hosting events on Native American reservations. Who needs the government’s approval anyway? Keep the bureaucrats out of it!

Of course, politicians from both sides of the aisle couldn’t resist sticking their noses into MMA. The late Senator John McCain, a Republican I might add, once snarkily called it “human cockfighting.” But boy, did he eat his words later on. After getting his facts straight, he became a convert. It just goes to show that even politicians can learn something once in a while.

Now, let’s talk about Trump’s heroics in saving the UFC. When the promotion was dangling on the precipice of bankruptcy, Trump swooped in like a majestic eagle and offered up his beautiful Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City as the venue for the massive UFC 30 card. Talk about a golden opportunity!

The Donald didn’t stop there, folks. He not only hosted events at his luxurious casinos, but he also became a crucial figure in the rise of the UFC’s popularity. UFC President Dana White himself has acknowledged Trump as the savior of the promotion. Trump’s support is unwavering, and he’s been in the corner of MMA since day one.

During the interview, Trump shared some inside scoops about his involvement with the UFC. He praised the “fantastic family” that helped Dana White out behind the scenes. Now, we won’t mention names, but we all know who those wonderful people are. Trump’s generosity provided a venue when no one else could, ensuring that pugilistic warriors could fight their hearts out for our entertainment.

And let’s not forget about boxing, folks. Trump has a knack for hosting some of the greatest fights in history. Take the epic showdown between Michael Spinks and Mike Tyson. The anticipation was palpable, but Tyson made quick work of Spinks, knocking him down twice and securing a first-round knockout. Some folks complained that the main event was over too soon, demanding refunds. But hey, when Tyson steps into the ring, you better buckle up and hold onto your hats, folks!

In conclusion, Trump’s support for combat sports is a testament to his commitment to the spirit of competition and the pursuit of greatness. He’s a true champion of MMA and boxing, and his contributions cannot be overstated. So, let’s raise our fists in praise for the man who has proven time and time again that he’s a heavyweight in and out of the political arena. Bravo, Mr. Trump, bravo!

Written by Staff Reports

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