Trump Snubs Haley Camp Post-Race, Betting Big on GOP Unity Without Them

Nikki Haley withdrew from the presidential race earlier this month, creating a lot of political noise, but former President Donald Trump isn't exactly welcoming her and her staff.

Haley made it very plain in her address that she was not endorsing any other contender, even though she had left the Republican field after Trump's triumphs on Super Tuesday. She made it clear that they would have to win her and her supporters over. To many's astonishment, though, Trump has said very nothing to people who backed her in the primary, according to Politico.

Art Pope, a well-known Haley ally who formerly oversaw the political branch of the Koch network, disclosed to Politico that Team Trump hasn't attempted to get in touch with him. On the other hand, newly appointed RNC chairman Michael Whatley made sure to ask him to endorse Trump.

"I know he's reached out to some and he's not," Pope said. However, he has not been particularly accommodating in his public remarks, interviews, or rallies. Instead, he is hardening his stance on certain positions and issues, such as his tariff tax, which would be the biggest tax increase ever put forth by a Republican presidential candidate." Isn't it quite the drama?

Pope is waiting to see who Trump selects as his running partner before deciding whom to back in the general election. He told Whatley he was holding off on making a decision until he felt the mood at the Republican National Convention.

Adding to the mystery is the fact that many of Haley's fans still have misgivings about the former president, even after Trump easily defeated her in the primaries. According to a study conducted by Emerson College in early March, 63% of Haley's supporters would rather choose Joe Biden over Trump in a head-to-head contest, while only 27% supported Trump.

Still, Trump's staff seems unmoved by the lack of attempt to win over Haley's followers, secure in their current base of support. They think they're drawing more Black and Hispanic votes than ever before, and polls showing Trump leading in the general election give them hope.

To Politico, a senior Trump advisor underscored, "In this business, addition is everything, not reduction. We would seize every opportunity to increase the number of votes and broaden the tent. We never have and never will say no to anyone; it is not a tactic we employ." They continued by saying that Haley and her group should continue to promote a favorable impression of Trump even after he has withdrawn from the race. They think Haley supporting the party or endorsing Trump could be a huge game changer.

The political scene is essentially like a soap opera in real life, with lots of drama to keep viewers interested. With all much political intrigue, who needs reality TV?

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