Trump Team Asserts Power, Request Delay in Classified Docs Trial!

In a recent development, the Trump team has requested a delay in the trial setting for the classified documents case involving former President Donald Trump and his aide, Waltine “Walt” Nauta. Special Counsel Jack Smith had originally sought to push the trial date back to December 11th, and now the defendants are asking the court to hold off on setting a firm trial date until certain substantive issues can be resolved.

The defendants’ request for a continuance is based on the extraordinary nature of this case and the serious challenges it presents to our American democracy. The prosecution is being advanced by the administration of a sitting president against his chief political rival, who is also a leading candidate for the presidency. This raises significant legal questions that have never been addressed by any court before, such as the intersection between the Presidential Records Act and the criminal statutes at issue. The defendants believe that these legal issues may result in a dismissal of the indictment.

Another important consideration is the classification status of the documents involved and their potential impact on national security interests. The defendants argue that utilizing “secret” evidence in a case like this is questionable, and there may also be difficulties in selecting an impartial jury during a national presidential election. Additionally, the extensive discovery process and the review of purportedly classified material will require significant time and resources.

The defendants point out that the government has already produced a substantial amount of unclassified discovery, including over 428,300 records, 122,650 emails, and 305,670 documents. This is a massive amount of information that needs to be reviewed and assimilated, and there may be even more documents and evidence to come.

While a pre-trial conference was initially scheduled for July 14th, it has now been continued to July 18th. Judge Aileen Cannon is expected to rule on the motion for continuance during or after the pre-trial conference. It is likely that the August 14th trial setting will be postponed due to these developments.

As a conservative news writer, it is important to recognize the significance of the legal issues raised in this case and the potential impact on our democracy. The Trump team’s request for a delay is a reasonable one, considering the unprecedented nature of the prosecution and the need for a thorough review of all the issues at hand. It is crucial to ensure a fair and just trial for all parties involved. And let’s not forget, as someone who has worked in a busy litigation practice, it’s quite common for lawyers to submit filings right up to the deadline. So, it’s not surprising that the Trump team filed their response late Monday evening.

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