Trump to Crush Biden’s EV Plans: Saving Iowa Ethanol & Jobs!

Former President Donald Trump made a bold declaration during a campaign stop in Iowa, promising to undo President Joe Biden’s electric vehicle plans if he is elected as president once again. Trump didn’t mince his words when he criticized Biden’s so-called “extremist mandate,” claiming that gas-powered cars would disappear, Iowa ethanol would be obliterated, and the state’s economy would be decimated if such policies were allowed to continue.

In his trademark style, Trump vowed to come to the rescue of Iowa ethanol and save it from the grip of Biden’s “absolutely insane, job-killing electric vehicle mandate” on day one of his presidency. He argued that Biden’s plan would not only harm the auto industry but also cost “countless thousands of autoworkers their jobs.” Trump was not shy about his disdain for the mandate, even going so far as to call it “draconian and indefensible” in a Social Truth post.

During a speech addressing striking autoworkers in Michigan, Trump delivered a heartfelt message to the hardworking Americans who often go unrecognized. He praised their contributions to the country, declaring that they are the ones who truly make the United States run. Trump’s words were well-received, not just by Michigan’s auto industry, but also in Iowa, known for its reliance on ethanol as a major part of its economy and as a fuel additive for gas-powered vehicles.

Despite ongoing legal battles, Trump’s popularity has been on the rise in recent weeks. Although the primaries won’t start until next year, many conservatives already believe that Trump is a shoo-in for the Republican nomination and a likely contender against Biden in the presidential race. It seems that Trump’s unapologetic stance against Biden’s policies, particularly in regard to electric vehicles, is resonating with conservative voters who see his presidency as a chance to overturn what they consider to be harmful and excessive government mandates.

Written by Staff Reports

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