Trump Triumphs Despite Left’s Sneaky NH Primary Ploys

The liberal game is afoot in New Hampshire’s primary election, but even with the left’s underhanded tactics, former President Trump still emerged victorious in the Granite State’s Monday night showdown. Despite the state’s so-called “closed” primary, sneaky voters can easily change their party affiliation to “undeclared” and swing the election in favor of their preferred candidate.

The New Hampshire Secretary of State’s website states that undeclared voters can swoop in and meddle in the state and presidential primaries. These sly foxes only have to choose a Democratic or Republican ballot when they go to vote, and just like that, they can wreak havoc on the election process. The website even lays out specific deadlines for changing party affiliation, but it’s clear that these rules are just paving the way for liberal trickery.

In a shocking interview with CNN, several “crossover” voters proudly admitted to playing dirty, voting for GOP candidate Nikki Haley to foil Trump’s plans for the 2024 ballot. These unscrupulous voters normally lean Democrat but shamelessly switch sides to sabotage the Republican primary. The nerve of these opportunists is truly astounding.

And the cherry on top of this scheme? An exit poll revealed that a measly 27 percent of Haley’s supporters were actually registered Republicans. Meanwhile, a whopping 70 percent of Trump’s supporters were legitimate members of the Republican party. The numbers speak for themselves – the left is resorting to clandestine tactics to thwart the will of true conservative voters.

In a valiant effort to protect the integrity of the primary, Rep. Michael Moffett proposed a bill in 2023 to put an end to this chicanery. The legislation aimed to prevent voters from infiltrating another party’s primary by temporarily switching sides, a much-needed measure to maintain the sanctity of the election process. However, critics of the bill, no doubt in cahoots with the liberal infiltrators, argued that it would disenfranchise residents who prefer not to align with a specific party.

The shameless audacity of these covert operators is truly appalling. The Republican party must stay vigilant and fight against these underhanded tactics to ensure that the will of true conservative voters prevails in future elections.

Written by Staff Reports

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