Trump’s Attorney Predicts NY Trial Upset: Letitia’s in for a Shocker!

Alina Habba, the determined legal advocate leading the defense for former President Donald Trump, made an appearance on Newsmax to provide an exciting glimpse into the progress of Trump's civil case in New York. And it's safe to say that New York Attorney General Letitia James might be facing an uphill battle.

After a week in the courtroom, Habba confidently asserted that their case is "very strong." Their argument revolves around the belief that the judge who ruled against the Trump real estate empire, accusing them of inflating property values like Mar-a-Lago, made a significant error. From the perspective of the 45th president, this trial is just another component of the Democratic party's ongoing efforts to undermine him before the next general election. President Trump seems quite motivated to challenge a vulnerable President Joe Biden.

"This court is a farce, but we've been putting up a fierce fight," Habba exclaimed, her excitement evident as she described a key witness who delivered crucial testimony in their favor. This undoubtedly bolstered their case, and Habba confidently predicted that Letitia James might not have an easy time of it.

According to Habba, the Trump Organization did nothing wrong. Their argument centers on the claim that James is misusing a consumer fraud statute to target a private business, a situation that they believe should never occur. It sets a concerning precedent for the people of New York if a powerful attorney general can target innocent businesses in this manner.

Let's also not overlook the other legal battles Habba and her team have been engaging in. She recently challenged Jack Smith, special counsel for Biden's Justice Department, for using outdated laws against her client. Additionally, she didn't mince words when addressing Georgia District Attorney Fani Willis, who updated her campaign website before charging Trump with interfering in the election. Habba is determined to uncover the truth and won't hesitate to put FBI agents under scrutiny if there's any suspicion of wrongdoing.

Despite facing multiple legal challenges, President Trump maintains his innocence. However, these legal battles come with a substantial price tag. Trump recently organized a fundraiser, charging an impressive $100,000 per person, to help cover the costs for himself and the 18 others facing charges in Georgia. That level of dedication and loyalty from his supporters is undeniable.

In the end, it's evident that Alina Habba isn't backing down. She's prepared to take on anyone who dares to go after her client. She's a formidable force and unafraid to fight vigorously for her beliefs. With Habba leading the charge, the battle is far from over, and the conservative base stands firmly beside her every step of the way.

Written by Staff Reports

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