Tucker’s GOP Wipeout: 2024 Hopefuls Crash & Burn at Summit

The recent candidate forum hosted by Tucker Carlson at the Family Leadership Summit in Des Moines, Iowa, turned out to be quite the “Tucker stress test” for the 2024 GOP candidates. And let’s just say, many of them didn’t fare too well. In fact, Carlson was like the grim reaper to their candidacies, extinguishing any hopes they may have had.

Take Tim Scott, Asa Hutchinson, and Mike Pence, for example. They never really had a shot at winning the nomination anyway. Hutchinson got cornered on transgender issues, which he seemed to downplay, but Carlson reminded him that it’s a significant cultural debate that cannot be ignored. And poor Pence, he got spit-roasted, particularly on his stance on the war in Ukraine. His lack of military equipment on the ground there was thoroughly dissected in front of the audience. Ouch.

One attendee aptly described the event as a disaster for Pence’s already long-shot candidacy. It seems like his base audience, which used to be in his corner, has now turned against him. Even the head of the hosting organization, The Family Leader, was angered by Trump’s absence from the event. This gave other candidates like Ron DeSantis, Tim Scott, Nikki Haley, and Vivek Ramaswamy an opportunity to gain more support in Iowa.

But let’s get back to the main event. The fiery exchange between Carlson and Pence was the most contentious of the day. Carlson, a former Trump defender turned sour, challenged, interrupted, and contradicted Pence at every turn. It was a hostile environment for the devout Christian candidate, who faced not only criticism but also jeers from what should have been a friendly audience.

The exchange exposed Pence’s difficulties in the race and highlighted the ongoing shift within the Republican Party. Traditionalists who believe in defending Ukraine and moving away from Trump’s influence found themselves at odds with Carlson and the audience’s loud and clear message: the old guard should go away.

And you know what? It’s a blessing that these candidates got roasted. Just look at Chris Christie, who wasn’t even present but sealed his fate by defending FBI Director Chris Wray. And Trump, well, his absence may have been due to a scheduling conflict, but we all know he’s the one to beat in this race. DeSantis is the only one who stands a chance of overtaking him, but his campaign has been stagnant for weeks.

The bottom line is, Carlson did us all a favor by giving a reality check to those who have no business running for president in 2024. It’s clear that their time has either expired or was never even present to begin with. Asa Hutchinson, seriously? And judging by the crowd’s reactions, especially towards Pence, it’s evident that the GOP base wants nothing to do with the old guard. It’s time for them to heed the message and gracefully step aside.

Written by Staff Reports

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