Turkish Migrants Fall Off Border Wall Biden’s Policies Under Fire

Two Turkish migrants fell off the 30-foot border wall when they tried to enter the United States unlawfully. The incident happened on Saturday when the illegal immigrants were trying to climb the wall after being brought to the southern border. They came from Turkey to Cancun, Mexico, Tijuana, and finally to the border, where they attempted to sneak in.

The migrants were given a ladder by smugglers to help them climb over the wall. Unfortunately, one of them fell while coming down from the top of the wall into San Diego’s International Park and broke both legs. U.S. emergency services had to rescue the men. This is not the first time such a tragedy has happened, with 29 illegals dying in 2023 after falling off the wall, as reported by the Mexican consulate.

President Joe Biden’s executive order to stop the flow of illegal immigrants doesn’t seem to be working effectively. There are still many people entering the country unlawfully, like the thousands who arrived in San Diego County just last weekend. San Diego county supervisor Jim Desmond criticized Biden’s order, saying it does not address the problems at the borders. More needs to be done to secure the border and protect American citizens.

Written by Staff Reports

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