Biden Voters Less Likely to Value Marriage and Children Study Shows

A recent study by the Pew Research Center shows that only a small portion of people who voted for President Biden believe that marriage and having children should be a top priority in society. The study reveals that just 19% of Biden voters think these issues should be prioritized, while a much larger 59% of Trump supporters feel the same way. This information comes at a time when the country's fertility rate has dropped to its lowest point in over 100 years.

The survey also found that there are differences between men and women supporters of both Trump and Biden when it comes to the importance of marriage and having children. A higher percentage of Trump-supporting men (63%) and women (54%) see these as key social priorities than Biden supporters, where only 22% of men and 16% of women agree.

Lawmakers have reacted strongly to the study, with Missouri State Sen. Travis Fitzwater calling the responses from both sides "abysmal." He emphasized the importance of promoting marriage and having children for the nation to thrive. From a conservative viewpoint, it is essential to recognize and support traditional family values as the foundation of a strong and prosperous society.

The study also highlighted varying opinions on issues like abortion and fertility between the two groups of supporters. Trump supporters, particularly men, expressed more concern about declining fertility rates and generally viewed having fewer children as a negative impact on society. On the other hand, most Biden supporters did not see the birth decrease as inherently good or bad. This contrast underscores the two political factions' differing perspectives on family and societal values.

Furthermore, the study revealed divisive opinions on abortion, with a significant gap between Trump and Biden supporters. While a majority of Biden voters support legal abortion in most or all cases, only 38% of Trump supporters share the same view. This disparity reflects the deeply entrenched ideological differences on social issues like reproductive rights. As a conservative commentator, it is crucial to advocate for the protection of the unborn and uphold pro-life values in our policies and discussions.

In conclusion, the Pew Research Center study sheds light on the diverging views on family, gender, and social priorities among Biden and Trump supporters. The findings underscore the importance of preserving traditional family values and addressing declining fertility rates as critical issues for the nation's future. As conservatives, it is vital to champion policies that support marriage, children, and a culture that values the sanctity of life.

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