UN Biases Cloud World Press Freedom Day

Today, on May 3, the world celebrates World Press Freedom Day, a day dedicated to honoring the importance of a free press. This idea dates back to our nation’s founding, where leaders like Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin emphasized the crucial role of the press in a democratic society.

However, amidst the celebrations and speeches, it’s important to remember that not all organizations advocating for press freedom practice what they preach. The United Nations, for example, is using this year’s World Press Freedom Day to highlight protection for journalists covering the environment, while also mentioning freedom of expression and combating misinformation.

Unfortunately, it’s clear that the UN and other entities only support press freedom when it aligns with their agenda. The Biden administration, for instance, has been criticized for its close relationship with mainstream media outlets that promote left-leaning narratives and for attempting to control the flow of information through initiatives like the proposed “Disinformation Governance Board.”

Additionally, the collaboration between the left and Big Tech poses a threat to independent journalism. Platforms like Google and social media sites often flag or limit the reach of conservative news outlets, making it challenging for them to share their perspectives with the public.

In the face of these challenges, conservative media outlets like PJ Media rely on the support of their readers to continue producing truthful reporting. Programs like PJ Media VIP offer readers an ad-free experience and exclusive content, providing a platform for diverse voices and perspectives in the media landscape.

By becoming a PJ Media VIP member, individuals can contribute to upholding press freedom and supporting independent journalism. In a time where the truth is often obscured by political agendas, it’s essential to stand together in defense of free speech and diverse viewpoints.

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