Univision Edit Overdubs Biden, Boosting Image Amid Poll Decline

In a recent Univision interview, President Biden faced a cringe-worthy overdub that made him sound like a Latin heartthrob. This is just another example of the mainstream media’s blatant bias towards Biden and their efforts to prop him up for re-election. With his declining popularity in the polls, the administration is scrambling to boost his image through carefully orchestrated media appearances.

The interview with Univision reporter Enrique Acevedo was clearly staged and heavily edited to present Biden in the best light possible. The decision to overdub Biden’s responses in English shows a clear attempt to cover up his struggles with speaking clearly and coherently. It is concerning that the administration would go to such lengths to manipulate the narrative and deceive the public.

Despite their best efforts, the administration continues to struggle with managing Biden’s diminishing mental acuity in public appearances. The Univision interview was just another example of how scripted and controlled these interactions have become. Biden was even seen holding notecards with prepared answers, yet he still managed to veer off track.

It is alarming to see the lengths to which the media and Biden’s team will go to shield him from scrutiny and maintain the illusion of his competence. The more they try to control the narrative, the more evident it becomes that Biden is not fit to lead. The American people deserve transparency and honesty from their leaders, not staged performances and misleading overdubs.

Written by Staff Reports

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