WATCH: Biden’s DHS Sec. Sends Message To House GOP

When asked about the investigations that House Republicans are planning on conducting, Alejandro Mayorkas, the DHS Secretary, was not worried about the potential repercussions. Impeachment articles have already been filed.

The House Judiciary Committee will be holding its first hearing on the border crisis on Wednesday. Other committees, such as the Homeland Security Committee, are also planning on conducting their own investigations.

During an interview on Wednesday, José Daz Balat, an anchor for NBC News, asked Mayorkas about the allegations made against him by Republicans.

During the interview, Mayorkas said that he would like to tell the congressmen that the immigration system is broken and needs to be fixed. He also said that everyone agrees that it should be fixed.

As the Secretary of DHS, Mayorkas said that the agency is doing everything in its power to improve the situation by providing humanitarian relief and carrying out enforcement actions when necessary. He praised his staff and vowed to continue doing so.

As the head of the agency responsible for the southern border, Mayorkas has been criticized by Republicans for his role in implementing President Joe Biden's strategy to address the issue. Under his leadership, the Border Patrol has been able to break various records related to illegal immigrant encounters.

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