WATCH: New Hunter Biden Video Raises New Questions

The "Roundtable Space" host is Mario Newfal. In a video they released, Newfal said that their business “try to reach & educate the masses.” But he then revealed that he was doing an online interview with Hunter Biden and queried the public as to what questions they believed he should put to him. As a "artist," Hunter introduces himself and says he hopes people will listen to the interview on Tuesday, November 15.

“Artist.” I guess I've gotten my fill of laughter for the day.

So, I have a few inquiries. What's with the black eye that is hardly open would have to be the first question. He seems to have been hit directly in the eye. He seems to be rather ancient and worn out. I suppose living a promiscuous lifestyle isn't the best for maintaining your appearance.

Then, I suppose, I would be curious in what Newfal believes Biden can contribute to "educate the masses." How can you tell coke and parmesan cheese apart? Hunter had an issue with it, I see. Inquiring more on Biden's business ties to China and the Ukraine could be a good idea for Newfal. What about the reason his firm received millions from the Moscow mayor's wife? Can Hunter elaborate on the potential nature of the Russian blackmail he discussed with the hooker? Can he provide us additional information regarding "Pedo Peter"? Does he have anything to say about working with Patrick Ho, whom he referred to as the "spy chief of China," or about their commercial partnership?

What a coincidence that Hunter is now hosting a crypto programme in light of the most recent information on the collapse of FTX and the concerns around money being channelled to Joe Biden and the DNC.

You wouldn't be let down by the reactions that Newfal received since you knew they would be great. There are many; this is only a tiny selection.

It seems like Tuesday will be entertaining, and we'll let you know when the inevitable reaction occurs.

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