WATCH: Trump Brings Back Iconic Dance Moves

Mar-a-Lago, Florida – The former President Donald Trump is still winning the hearts of Americans with his infectious energy that captured the nation in 2020. Recently, a viral video clip emerged from one of his Mar-a-Lago events, showcasing his signature moves that the nation admired during the campaign rallies.

In the video, former President Trump is dancing to the iconic tune of “Macho Man”, by the Village People. Watching him dance, it’s clear that he is still in great spirits, probably still basking in Wednesday’s incredible success, winning millions of hearts during his town hall event on CNN.

But not everyone is happy with the former President’s jubilance. The liberal media is desperate to drag the President down, no matter how much he has achieved for the American people. Just yesterday, his legal team faced a new challenge when a Manhattan federal jury awarded a $5 million judgment against him in a case of alleged sexual abuse and defamation toward an ex magazine columnist named E. Jean Carroll.

However, President Trump is not afraid to appeal this decision. And his legal team made its intention clear today, filing a notice of appeal in the 2nd US Circuit Court of Appeals. This brave move shows President Trump’s determination to fight for his beliefs and stand up against the mainstream media and their relentless campaign of lies.

The liberal media might be targeting the former President, but he doesn’t seem to be fazed by their attacks. President Trump remains ever passionate and highly motivated, always ready to fight for the people he has dedicated many years to serving. He is a beacon of hope and an inspiration to many, and his appeal against this latest judgment is just another reminder of his indomitable spirit.

Written by Staff Reports

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