Whistleblowers Crushed by IRS, Media Ignores – Not Just Liberals!

Well, well, well, folks. Looks like we’ve got ourselves a real doozy of a story here. The Biden corruption fiasco is making headlines, and boy is it a doozy. It’s got all the drama and scandal that you could ask for.

So, here’s the deal. Two whistleblowers, Agent X and Special Agent Gary Shapley, spilled the beans on the gross malfeasance and Justice Department interference they faced while investigating Hunter Biden’s shady business deals. And let me tell you, it’s a real mess. The Bidens allegedly received millions in government access deals, with $10 million reportedly being paid to Hunter and Joe by Burisma Holdings. Yikes!

But wait, it gets even juicier. The FBI has a report from a confidential source that backs up these claims. And let me tell you, folks, these whistleblowers are no joke. They’re credible and respected, and the Democrats couldn’t even lay a finger on them during the hearing. Talk about a major fail.

And what’s even worse is that the Justice Department was apparently covering up for the Bidens. Can you believe it? They used federal officials to cover their tracks and make sure no one found out about their little bribery operation in Ukraine. It’s a real mess, folks.

Now, you’d think that the media would be all over this story, right? Wrong! Even good ol’ Fox News stayed silent on this bombshell. Some people say it’s because Catherine Herridge works there and she’s the only one willing to report the truth. But come on, people! This is big news! If the political parties were flipped, you know darn well that this would be front-page news everywhere.

So, there you have it, folks. The Biden corruption fiasco is out in the open, and it’s about time someone started asking some serious questions. This is a scandal of epic proportions, and it’s time for the American people to know the truth. Impeach me, indeed!


Written by Staff Reports

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