White House turns blind eye to hate crimes against Christians.

In yet another display of hypocrisy from the White House, Karine-Jean Pierre appeared to have a serious case of selective sympathy during a press briefing on Wednesday. When asked about the tragic Nashville shooting that occurred last week, which took six innocent lives, Pierre refused to label it a hate crime against Christians. Despite being quick to classify “hate crimes” against minorities and transgenders, her and her team seem to be more interested in pushing their own agenda than acknowledging the truth.

When a reporter had the audacity to ask about former Vice President Pence’s recent suggestion that the shooting should certainly be classified as a hate crime if the shooter was motivated by a hatred towards Christians, Pierre was visibly bothered. Instead of offering any sort of meaningful response, she bluntly said, “It’s not for us to decide” and moved on to the next question. How convenient.

But this isn’t exactly surprising. Just days after the attack took place last week, Pierre failed to even mention the fact that Christians were the targets of the senseless violence. Instead, she shifted the focus to an entirely different group: trans people. How anyone could justify this blatant misdirection is beyond comprehension.

It seems that unless a topic fits within the White House’s narrow agenda, it’s simply not worth discussing. In other words, unless it can be spun to fit their narrative, it’s not a priority. While the Biden administration might preach equality and civil rights for all, it’s clear that their words are empty at best. The hypocrisy, it seems, knows no bounds.

Written by Staff Reports

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