WOW: Dems Steal Credit From Glenn Youngkin’s MAJOR Campaign Promise

Glenn Youngkin, a Republican, made a major campaign promise during the 2021 Virginia governor's race. He had promised to get rid of the state's grocery tax. On January 1, the tax was eliminated, and it was the Democrats who took credit.

After becoming governor, Youngkin visited a local grocery store in Northern Virginia to talk to families about the high costs they are experiencing.

This isn't the first time that Democrats in Virginia have supported Youngkin's proposal. In December 2021, prior to Youngkin's inauguration, Ralph Northam, the governor at that time, supported the idea of scrapping the grocery tax.

It's part of Youngkin’s larger plan to cut taxes in Virginia. During an interview with an outlet, the governor noted that they would begin cutting individual rates and increasing the standard deduction.

Shortly before the tax was eliminated on December 29, Youngkin released a video on Twitter, where he talked about how it was "good for Virginians" and how it was "what the people elected us to do." A news segment from ABC News Now featured the video. According to the outlet, the initiative that Youngkin had talked about during his campaign was providing relief to supermarkets.

On Monday, the "Youngkin" hashtag was trending after people criticized the Virginia Democrats for a "shameless" tweet. The post, which had received over 250 replies, was widely shared on social media.

The 48 quotes from the post criticized the Democrats for lying, as well as the Virginia Republican Party's account, which had also shared a story about Youngkin's plan.

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