Biden Finally Commits To Visiting The Border For The 1st Time In His Presidency

During a press briefing at the Northern Kentucky International Airport, Biden said that he was planning on visiting the southern border.

During a press briefing, Biden was asked about the border. The president was promoting his infrastructure agenda while at the Brent Spence Bridge in Kentucky.

According to Fox News, Biden confirmed that he would be visiting the southern border. The news outlet reported that he would be holding a meeting with the leaders of Canada and Mexico during the North American Leaders Summit, which will be held on January 9.

The Wall Street Journal also reported that Biden would not be making a policy announcement while he was at the border.

During a recent briefing, White House press secretary, Jean-Pierre, stated that the president was focused on finding solutions to the border issues.

According to the Wall Street Journal, she noted that if Republican members of Congress were serious about addressing the border issues, they would help the government.

Last month, the president told reporters that there were more important things than the border. He was in Arizona to promote a manufacturing facility that Taiwan Semiconductor announced.

The number of encounters at the border has increased due to the policies implemented by the Biden administration. These include the removal of Trump-era immigration restrictions.

According to a report released by the Pew Research Center, the number of encounters between the US Border Patrol and migrants at the border increased significantly during the 2021 fiscal year.

In fiscal 2022, the US encountered over two million encounters at the border. These encounters, excluding the individuals who got away, happened almost 600,000 times.

According to US Customs and Border Protection, the agency encounters an average of around 6,858 people crossing the border daily.

Under the leadership of Joe Biden, the number of encounters at the US-Mexico border reportedly reached over 4.5 million. Many of these individuals were released into the country.

The potential visit by Biden comes after the Supreme Court ruled last week that the cap on immigration, which was put in place during the pandemic, would remain in place. This allows authorities to turn away migrants to prevent the transmission of COVID.

In the ruling, Justice Gorsuch, who was one of the dissenters, stated that the border crisis is not related to the COVID epidemic.

In his opinion, Gorsuch stated that courts should not be focused on prolonging administrative decrees that were designed to address a single emergency. Instead, they should be considering the different emergency situations that the country faces.

According to officials of US Customs and Border Protection, around 50,000 migrants were still waiting to cross the border after Title 42 expired.

As the Supreme Court ruled that the immigration cap should remain in place, the Biden administration pushed to end the pandemic-era policy. According to immigration advocates, the rule is outdated because the treatment of COVID has improved.

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