Hannity Gets HEATED In Lauren Boebert Exchange

In response to Sean Hannity's query, Catherine Bobert maintained that it was not her decision not to support Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy even though he had the majority of the votes of the Republican House members. She noted that McCarthy needed to resign from his position due to the lack of support. As a part of the group of 20 Republicans, she had also blocked his bid to become the next speaker of the House.

During an interview with Sean Hannity, Lauren Broustard, a Colorado representative, argued with the Fox News host over whether or not House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy should be removed from the speakership.

During the discussion, which was conducted on the Fox News program, the host asked Broustard if it was time for her and the other members of the group to "pack it in" as McCarthy had secured over 200 votes.

Before she could finish her response, which was interrupted by the host, Broustard was asked why she didn't just answer his question. She also claimed that he wasn't frustrated.

The discussion did not go well at all. Both the host and Broustard maintained their positions on the issue. At one point, the latter noted that she would not support McCarthy if he became the next speaker. She then repeated this phrase several times before concluding her response.

According to the host, she was not following through on what she had told Donald Trump, who had supported McCarthy after three failed attempts to become the speaker.

The host, on the other hand, maintained that he didn't intend to turn Trump against him. He said that he was merely going to continue supporting Trump.

After the host noted that she had told Trump what she had told him, the host noted that he was not following through on his promise. He then referred to a suggestion by the host, who suggested that Trump should be nominated for the speakership.

The heated exchange between the two participants highlighted the dynamics of the House speaker's position, which is in disarray due to the lack of consensus among Republicans.

The seventh speaker vote was scheduled to take place on Wednesday evening. It was then delayed to Thursday following a raucous vote. This marked the first time in almost a century that the choice for the speaker had taken more than one vote. All of the Democrats voted for Hakeem Jeffries.

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