Zelenskyy Urges Congress That It Must Act to End the Ukraine Conflict

On his first wartime abroad visit, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy told the U.S. Congress on Wednesday that the Ukraine war will affect the world for decades and that no country can be safe if it stands aside.

Zelenskyy, sporting his customary olive green slacks and sweater, met President Joe Biden at the White House to seek additional U.S. help for Kyiv's military campaign in 2023, when congressional approval for funds will be harder to obtain.

Zelenskyy believes the money is not charity that it is investing in global security and democracy.

As Europe's greatest land conflict since World War Two continues, killing tens of thousands, displacing millions, and destroying cities, the US has contributed roughly $50 billion to Kyiv.

However, some Republicans, who will take over the House from Democrats on Jan. 3, are concerned about the cost. They might block billions in war aid next month.

Zelensky trys to convice the house that this conflict will define in what world our children and grandkids will live and then their children and grandchildren.

"The world is too interwoven and interdependent for someone to stay aside and feel comfortable when such a conflict continues." Zelensky stated.

Despite Russia's best efforts, Ukraine was pushing through.

Zelensky believes they have conquered Russia in the battle for international minds.

As Zelenskyy entered the room, Congress members stood, cheered, applauded, and shook his hand. Some wore blue and yellow Ukrainian flags.

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that Ukraine would get $1.85 billion in military aid, including the modern Patriot air defense system, to defend against Russian missiles.

However, some hard-line Republicans want to withdraw Ukraine aid and scrutinize how it was spent.

Zelenskyy has frequently requested new battle tanks and missile defense systems from the West, but Western allies are wary of risking a bigger fight with Russia.

Zelenskyy met Senate and House Democratic and Republican leaders.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on NewsMax.

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