Did Trump Just Get a New GOP Challenger for 2024?

In an interview with Dana Bash, New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu stated that he is not running for president.

During the interview, the governor noted that he is focused on his current position as the state's governor and not on running for president. He also stated that he wants to continue serving the people of New Hampshire.

Contrary to his words, the actions of his PAC say otherwise. On Tuesday, some media outlets reported that a group associated with Sununu had started running social media advertisements in early-primary states such as South Carolina and Iowa.

The advertisement, which has been viewed by less than a million people in both Iowa and South Carolina, shows Sununu and Bash talking about the establishment of a more modern Republican Party. It does not refer to Donald Trump, who has a divisive and aggressive style.

In the state of New Hampshire, Sununu was able to win his race by 16 points. He was able to do so by portraying a more moderate image of modern conservatism. On the other hand, Don Bolduc, the far-right candidate for Senate, lost by around nine points.

The advertisement does not necessarily mean that Sununu is running for president. He said during an interview with Bash that he is still open to the possibility of running for president.

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