$875K Spent on Hunter Biden’s Art by Unknown Buyer with China Links!

In a shocking revelation, a unknown individual has splurged an astonishing $875,000 on 11 art pieces created by none other than Hunter Biden himself. But hold onto your hats, folks, because here’s where it gets interesting – the art dealer involved in this deal, Georges Bergès, has close ties to Communist China. *Gasp!* Can you believe it? The same China that poses a major threat to our national security and has been engaged in unfair trade practices for years.

Now, the document obtained by Business Insider doesn’t spill the beans on who this mystery buyer is. But one thing’s for sure, they certainly don’t reside in New York. And what’s even more peculiar is that they specifically chose Hunter’s largest paintings, including a piece titled “Pandemonium” on a sheet metal canvas. Now, why would they go for the biggest and boldest pieces? Is it perhaps a desperate attempt to gain some semblance of artistic credibility for our dear Hunter?

But here’s the real kicker, folks. Hunter Biden supposedly edited the gallery contract to exclude the sales of NFTs from the gallery’s commission. Talk about favoritism, huh? It seems like Hunter wants to keep all the profits for himself, while the good ol’ gallery gets a measly 40 to 45 percent commission. I can’t help but raise an eyebrow at that.

And let’s not forget about Georges Bergès, the art dealer with shady connections. Not only did he once dream of becoming the “lead” Chinese art dealer, but he also made multiple trips to Communist China every year. It’s like a scene straight out of a spy novel! But what’s even more alarming is how he conveniently withheld all records of potential bidders and final buyers. What’s he trying to hide? Is it just incompetence or something more sinister?

My dear readers, the art industry has long been known for its shady dealings, but this takes the cake. The Senate subcommittee report from 2020 exposed how the art market is a perfect breeding ground for money laundering. Since the art industry isn’t subject to the same banking regulations as other financial institutions, it’s essentially a free-for-all where anyone can hide their ill-gotten gains. And let’s not forget about the whole “art advisor” scheme, where buyers and sellers can dance around the identities of both the artwork and the purchasers themselves. It’s a perfect recipe for corruption and evasion of sanctions.

So, while Hunter Biden tries to establish himself as a serious artist, it’s hard not to question the legitimacy of these sales. Is it just a ploy to make a quick buck, or is there something more devious going on? One thing’s for sure, this blatant display of questionable ethics and lack of transparency is enough to make any conservative’s blood boil. Stay tuned, folks, because it looks like this Biden saga is far from over.

Written by Staff Reports

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