Biden’s Lawyers in Hot Water Over Courtroom Deception!

The legal team of Hunter Biden may face disciplinary action for alleged misrepresentations made to the court. It is believed that they may have misled the clerk during his criminal case. It is no surprise that his team would resort to such tactics, as they have a history of misconduct.

Jason Smith, the chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, stated that the plea agreement of former Vice President Joe Biden should be reevaluated due to the allegations made by an IRS whistleblower regarding the Department of Justice's obstruction of the investigation into him. This issue raises concerns about possible political interference in the case. Before accepting the plea agreement, the court should thoroughly review the whistleblower's materials.

Hunter Biden's legal team could face sanctions for trying to remove Smith's brief from the court's docket in an attempt to appear as if they were representing the attorney. This behavior is totally unacceptable, and it should be taken seriously.

It is not surprising that his lawyers would deny any involvement in the scandal. They claim that it was a misunderstanding, but given Biden's history of misconduct, it is hard to believe his explanation. The court should conduct a thorough investigation to ensure that justice is done.

Since Judge Noreika did not want to publicize Smith's filing before Biden's plea hearing, a temporary seal was placed on it. It is expected that Noreika will not reject the plea agreement, but it is important that the court thoroughly investigates the allegations made against the former vice president.

The Biden family is once again in the spotlight due to yet another controversy. It's sad that they keep coming up with new ways to get themselves in trouble. Americans deserve better.

Written by Staff Reports

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