AOC Exposes the Startling Reality: There’s Little Liberalism Left on the Left

On April 24, 2023, a Sunday, Democratic Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez appeared in an interview with MSNBC's Jen Psaki. The conversation included a question from Psaki about whether media outlets should be held responsible for content that provokes violence. Ocasio-Cortez responded by stating that broadcast TV channels, such as Fox News, are governed by federal laws and regulations that dictate permissible content. However, this assertion contradicts the First Amendment, which was designed to protect against government-imposed censorship.

AOC went on to assert that the actions of Tucker Carlson and other Fox News hosts constitute a "very, very clear incitement of violence." However, as per Cornell Law, the actual definition of "incitement of violence" is already illegal and only applies if the speech is aimed at inciting or causing imminent unlawful action and is likely to do so. While one may disagree with much of what Tucker and other Fox News hosts say or even consider it provocative, it does not meet this criterion. Thus, AOC's argument seems to be an attempt to broaden the narrow exception for "incitement of violence" to encompass speech she simply finds objectionable.

During the interview, former Biden Press Secretary and interviewer Jen Psaki did not question AOC's stance on speech censorship. In the previous year, when asked about her former boss's plan to establish a Disinformation Governance Board and its potential issues, Psaki replied that the board's goal seemed to be to curb the spread of disinformation and misinformation across various communities. She further stated, "I'm not sure who opposes that effort." This conversation between AOC and Psaki occurred just days after Democratic Representative Stacey Plaskett warned Twitter Files journalist Matt Taibbi of potential imprisonment for alleged perjury in his March congressional testimony.

The key finding of the Twitter Files indicated a close collaboration between the federal government and U.S. social media companies in suppressing news and censoring views. Such actions blatantly contravene the First Amendment. However, during the MSNBC interview, Psaki did not inquire whether AOC had any apprehensions about this significant assault on Americans' fundamental liberties. It seems that neither Psaki nor Ocasio-Cortez hold any concerns regarding this matter.

The Left seeks to have the federal government control speech and news they disapprove of, and there has been a lack of indignation among them regarding the Twitter Files. This is likely because those already inclined towards centralized planning see no reason why this principle should not extend to speech and the press. Although the Left may not explicitly present their actions this way, it is regrettably the current situation.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's desire to involve the federal government in targeting Tucker Carlson and his network for expressing opinions or covering news she disapproves of serves as a recent example of the growing illiberalism within the contemporary American Left. Through their actions and statements, the Left has demonstrated that fundamental liberal principles, such as free speech and press freedom, are no longer valued by numerous American 'liberals.' Alarmingly, in many instances, these purported liberals now actively oppose such principles.

The reporters of the Twitter Files believed they were uncovering a wayward federal government; however, the Left was irritated that the journalists exposed what they now perceive as effective and well-functioning governance. Anticipate further indications in the future that the Left is keen on having the federal government control speech and news they disapprove of.

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