Biden Family Implicated In SHADY Influence-Peddling Scheme

The Biden family just can’t seem to escape the dark cloud of influence-peddling that haunts them. According to Rep. James Comer, a dozen members of Joe Biden’s family may be implicated in behind-the-scenes maneuvers to peddle their influence. It’s starting to seem like there won’t be anyone left for a Christmas picture!

Comer recently spoke with Maria Bartiromo on Fox News Morning Futures and said, “This was the Biden family influence-peddling scheme. And when people say they were involved in ventures around the world, I haven’t found a legitimate business on the Biden end, Maria.” It seems like the Bidens have been involved in some shady business deals around the world, with no legitimate ventures to show for it.

The Republicans have taken control of Congress and have expanded their investigation into Hunter Biden’s business dealings to include his father, the President. The investigation is aimed at finding out if and how President Biden was involved in any dealings that gave foreign companies access to America’s halls of power.

The IRS and FBI have launched separate investigations into the LLCs formed by Hunter Biden and his associate Rob Walker. If they had purported to sell their access to companies in China, they may have been required to register as foreign agents. This is a serious offense!

The number of Biden family members implicated in this scheme has doubled in just the last month. Just recently, a whistleblower came forward to reveal that the IRS investigation into Hunter Biden has been stymied by political meddling.

It’s time for the Bidens to answer some tough questions about their shady business dealings. This family has been making a fortune by selling access to our country’s halls of power. These deals are not legitimate business ventures but pure influence-peddling. It’s time for the Bidens to be held accountable for their actions!

Source: Trending Politics

Written by Staff Reports

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