AOC’s Audacious Plan: Subpoena, Scrutinize, and Sack Supreme Court Justices!

In a recent interview with CNN’s “Face the Nation,” Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) took aim at the Supreme Court, criticizing their rulings on affirmative action, student loan debt forgiveness, and freedom of religion. AOC went so far as to question the legitimacy of the Court and suggest that justices should be investigated and subpoenaed. This kind of rhetoric sounds more fitting for a banana republic than the United States of America.

It’s ironic that AOC accuses the Court of a “dangerous creep toward authoritarianism” while simultaneously exhibiting authoritarian tendencies herself. She even suggests that impeachment should be on the table for justices who don’t rule to her liking. It’s clear that AOC is actively undermining one of the pillars of our government and openly questioning its legitimacy.

When asked if she believes the justices’ power should be limited, AOC replied, “I truly do. And this is not a new development in history. This is part of our system of checks and balances.” While checks and balances are indeed important, it’s concerning when a member of Congress advocates for limiting the power of the Supreme Court. AOC fails to understand that unchecked judicial power can lead to undemocratic and dangerous authoritarianism.

AOC’s thinly-veiled threats of subpoenas and investigations against Chief Justice John Roberts and other justices only further demonstrate her disregard for the Constitution. She believes that strict ethics guidelines should be in place for members of Congress and the Supreme Court, but fails to recognize that many of her own colleagues are guilty of breaking the law. Her call for impeachment also reveals her desire to punish those who don’t align with her agenda.

It’s clear that AOC’s knowledge of the law is sorely lacking. Her tweet about affirmative action in college admissions shows a gross misunderstanding of the Supreme Court’s role. AOC suggested that if the Court truly believed in “colorblindness,” they would have abolished legacy admissions. However, the Court’s ruling had nothing to do with legacy applicants. It’s alarming that a member of Congress is so ill-informed about the workings of our legal system.

Ultimately, AOC’s attacks on the Supreme Court and her attempts to undermine its legitimacy are dangerous for our democracy. It’s important to remember that the Court’s decisions are reasoned and justified, regardless of whether one agrees with them. By sowing doubt and questioning the legitimacy of our highest court, AOC is playing a dangerous game that threatens the very fabric of our constitutional system.

In conclusion, AOC’s calls to investigate, subpoena, and even impeach Supreme Court justices are misguided and undermine the principles of our democracy. Her lack of understanding of the law and her willingness to push a partisan agenda at the expense of the Court’s legitimacy is deeply concerning. It’s time for AOC to step back and reconsider her approach before she does more damage to our democracy.

Source= RedState

Written by Staff Reports

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