Poll Reveals: Americans Back SCOTUS Over Trump on Blocking Racist College Admissions!

In a new poll conducted by ABC News and Ipsos, it was found that a majority of Americans approve of the Supreme Court’s decision to limit the use of race as a factor in college admissions. This comes as no surprise to anyone who doesn’t buy into Critical Race Theory, which is basically like asking people to believe in Santa Claus–a cute idea for children, but not a basis for policy decisions in the real world.

The poll revealed that 52% of Americans approve of the Supreme Court’s ruling, while 32% disapprove. This majority support is consistent with previous polls that have shown Americans rejecting racial preferences in college admissions. It seems that most Americans view racial bean-counting as inherently wrong and unfair (duh!), and they don’t think that race should be a determining factor in who gets accepted to college.

Interestingly, the poll also showed that a majority of Republicans (75%) and independents (58%) approve of the ruling, while only a small minority of Democrats (26%) approve. This is just further evidence that the Democratic Party is out of touch with the majority of Americans on this issue.

When breaking down the results by racial group, it is clear that the Supreme Court’s decision is more popular among white and Asian individuals, with 60% of white people and 58% of Asian people approving of the ruling. However, only 25% of Black people support the decision, while Hispanic people are split on the issue, with 40% approving and 40% disapproving.

Now, let’s talk politics. The fact that this decision is more popular than former President Trump among minority groups should be a wake-up call to Democrats. Hispanic voters were evenly split on the issue, and only 32% of them voted for Trump in the 2020 election. Black voters gave Trump 12% of their votes, making the Supreme Court’s decision over twice as popular as the former president. And let’s not forget about Asians, who find the decision a whopping 24 points more attractive than Trump.

But beyond the politics, the bottom line is that racial discrimination is wrong, no matter which way you slice it. Affirmative action in college admissions is a flawed and unfair system that primarily benefits the privileged children of upper-middle-class Black professionals, while excluding others who may be more deserving. It’s a dangerous fraud that perpetuates the myth that skin color somehow brings unique knowledge or insight, when in reality it’s just a superficial characteristic.

While this poll is a positive sign, it’s important to remember that the fight against racial discrimination is far from over. There are still many institutions, like Harvard University, that are unwilling to comply with the Supreme Court’s decision. But the fact that a majority of Americans see using racial classification in college admissions as antithetical to our values is a step in the right direction. The next battles may be easier than this one, and hopefully, we can continue to move towards a more fair and merit-based system of college admissions.

Source: RedState

Written by Staff Reports

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