Beware Fake Conservatives Disguising Themselves as Climate Activists

There’s a new trend of people trying to pass themselves off as conservatives while promoting climate activism. One such person is Benji Backer, who claims to be a conservative but has a history of anti-conservative actions and statements. He even wrote a book called “The Conservative Environmentalist” where he tries to convince conservatives that climate activism aligns with conservative principles.

However, a closer look at Backer’s past reveals a different story. He openly criticized President Trump, supported policies favored by liberals, and attacked conservative politicians like Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley. His actions and words do not align with typical conservative values, which raises doubts about his true political allegiance.

It’s concerning that someone like Backer is being praised by leftist figures for his climate activism. His support for government intervention in environmental issues and special subsidies for certain industries contradicts conservative beliefs in limited government and free markets. By labeling those who disagree with him as “deniers” and advocating for heavy government intervention, Backer reveals his true agenda, which is far from conservative.

Conservatives need to be cautious of individuals like Benji Backer who claim to represent their beliefs while pushing for policies that go against conservative principles. It’s essential to scrutinize the actions and statements of self-proclaimed conservative activists to ensure they genuinely uphold conservative values.

Written by Staff Reports

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