Biden Beachgate: Even DR President Mocks Vacay-Happy Joe!

President Biden’s vacationing habits have once again been called into question, this time by Dominican Republic President Luis Abinader. During a recent White House visit, Abinader couldn’t resist taking a shot at Biden’s infamous beach trips, reminding him that he’ll have plenty of time to soak up the sun in Punta Cana at the next Summit of the Americas in 2025. It seems like Biden’s leisurely outings have become a prevalent theme in his presidency, with the Republican National Committee reporting that he has spent about 40 percent of his time out of the office.

While Americans were facing wildfires, international conflicts, severe snowstorms, and a crisis at the border, Biden seemed to prioritize his beach vacations. Even rapper 50 Cent joined the noise, criticizing the president for his constant getaway moments when the country needed strong leadership. Perhaps Biden forgot that he is responsible for overseeing a nation facing numerous challenges.

But it’s not just the timing of these vacations that has people raising their eyebrows. Former President Donald Trump couldn’t resist poking fun at Biden’s beach attire, comparing his walking style to someone navigating on “toothpicks.” These beach scenes seem to add to the perception that Biden is a vulnerable leader, struggling to navigate the complexities of his presidency while lounging on the sand.

The impact of Biden’s vacationing habits can be seen in his poll numbers. He is currently trailing Trump by as much as seven points, and more and more Americans are starting to question whether he’s fit to run for a second term, citing concerns about his age. It’s clear that the public is losing confidence in Biden’s ability to prioritize the nation’s needs over his personal leisure.

It’s about time President Biden takes a step back from the beach and focuses on the pressing issues facing our country. Americans need a leader who is present, engaged, and capable of making tough decisions, not someone who seems more interested in catching some rays. It’s time for Biden to put down the sunscreen and start governing with the seriousness and dedication that the American people deserve.

Written by Staff Reports

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