Biden Blasted For GROSS Response To Fentanyl Tragedy

President Joe Biden has been blasted by conservatives and Republicans this week for his callous and insensitive response to the heartbreaking testimony of Rebecca Kiessling, a Michigan mother who lost her two sons to the deadly drug fentanyl.

At a hearing on Wednesday, Kiessling spoke about how her sons died as a result of the fentanyl epidemic, saying “I don’t say “drug overdose” because this wasn’t an overdose. This was a crime. My kids got fake Percocet pills that were actually made of fentanyl. It did not have any Percocet at all. And the word is “murder,” not “overdose.”’”

Kiessling also pointed out that the U.S. would take more action if the fentanyl streaming across the border were weapons of mass destruction, saying “If Chinese troops lined up along our southern border with guns pointed at our people and weapons that could kill a lot of people pointed at our cities, you know you’d do something about it. A weather balloon from China is flying across the United States. Even though no one died, everyone is freaking out about it. But every year, 100,000 Americans die and nothing is done about it. There isn’t enough being done. Numbers are getting bigger, not smaller. And you say that children of immigrants are being taken away from their parents. They took my kids away from me!”

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene then laid blame on Joe Biden’s government, saying “This government has let you down, as well as American families and, most importantly, our children and young people.”

After the hearing, Greene tweeted “Listen to this mother, who has lost 2 kids to fentanyl intoxication, tell the truth about how both of her sons were killed because the Biden administration refused to secure our border and stop the Cartel from killing Americans every day with Chinese fentanyl.”

Joe Biden later chuckled when speaking about Greene’s comments on the matter, saying “Isn’t Greene amazing? Oof. I should change the subject, probably, because I recently read that she was very clear that I killed the sons of a poor mother who had lost two kids to fentanyl. Well, it’s interesting that the fentanyl they used came from the last government.”

Conservatives and Republicans were appalled by Biden’s response to Kiessling’s testimony and his subsequent laughter, with Rep. Jim Banks tweeting “Shameful and embarrassing …” and RNC Research tweeting “Drug trafficking is a LOT worse now that Biden is in charge. In January, 1,400 pounds of fentanyl were found at the southern border. This was the SEVENTH month in a row that Border Patrol found more than a thousand pounds, but a lot more got through without being found.”

It is shameful and outrageous that President Joe Biden would laugh while discussing the deaths of Rebecca Kiessling’s two sons to the deadly drug fentanyl. This is just another example of how out of touch Biden is with the American people and how little he cares about the devastating effects of the opioid crisis on families across the country.

The fact that Biden would laugh while discussing such a heartbreaking tragedy shows how little he values human life and how little he cares about those affected by the opioid crisis. It is also telling that Biden would make light of this tragedy while failing to take any meaningful action to address the opioid crisis or secure our southern border from the influx of illegal drugs coming in from China and other countries.

Biden’s lack of empathy for those affected by the opioid crisis is especially concerning given his administration’s failure to take any meaningful action to address the issue. Biden said during his campaign that he would do more to fight the opioid crisis, but he hasn’t done anything to stop illegal drugs from coming into the country or to help people who are addicted.

Source: Daily Fetched

Written by Staff Reports

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