Tucker Carlson Slams Lightfoot For Blaming Loss On Racism, Sexism

It appears that Democratic Mayor Lori Lightfoot of Chicago has been dealt a major blow in her reelection bid, coming in third in the primary election on Tuesday night. Despite this, Lightfoot has attempted to blame her loss on racism and sexism, claiming that her defeat was due to the extreme MAGA Republicans who “tried to bleach Jussie Smollett” and showed up to the polls en masse. This is a ridiculous and unfounded accusation, as Lightfoot has failed to provide any evidence to support her claims.

Furthermore, Lightfoot has also suggested that street vendors in Chicago can make themselves less vulnerable to crime by not using cash. This is an absurd suggestion, as many of these vendors rely on cash-only transactions and are unable to switch to other forms of payment. It is clear that Lightfoot is out of touch with the people she is supposed to be representing, as she has failed to understand the reality of their financial situation.

The real reason for Lightfoot’s loss is likely due to her poor handling of the city’s skyrocketing crime rate, with robberies climbing up 15% and sexual assaults rising 56%. This has led to multiple companies leaving the city, with Boeing, Caterpillar and Tyson Foods being among the most prominent. It is clear that Lightfoot’s policies have failed to address the issue of crime in Chicago, leading to her loss in the primary election.

It is unfortunate that Lightfoot has chosen to blame her loss on racism and sexism rather than take responsibility for her own actions. As a conservative Republican news writer, I believe that Lightfoot’s attempts to deflect from her own failures are a sign of her inability to lead the city of Chicago. Her lack of understanding of the financial situation of her constituents and her failure to address the crime rate in the city are clear indications that she is not fit for the job of mayor.

Paul Vallas, former CEO of Chicago Public Schools and Brandon Johnson will face each other in an April 4 runoff for the Democratic nomination for mayor. It remains to be seen if either candidate will be able to address the issues that have plagued Chicago under Lightfoot’s leadership. However, it is clear that the citizens of Chicago deserve better than what they have been getting from their current mayor.

Source: The Daily Caller

Written by Staff Reports

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